3 Jens Of Jewelry

These three women named Jen are bosses in the jewelry world: Jennifer Fisher, Jennifer Zeuner, and Jennifer Meyer. Have you heard of ‘em? If not, it’s about time you did.


It doesn’t get much more girl power-y than starting your own business while juggling a family. These three Jens are doing just that! They’re creating beautiful, unique jewelry lines, oozing creativity, and running their own companies. Plus they’re sharing their lives and brands on social media as they do it. Check out their collections to see the styles of each designer! Then read a little background on each of these fearless, fashionable females:


California native Jennifer Fisher is a mother of two and loves cooking so much she includes it on the lifestyle section of her jewelry website. Her grandfather was a silversmith so she feels like jewelry-making is in her blood. Now based in New York City, Fisher has a huge social media following and lots of celebrity friends, but she says that family comes first! So it’s no surprise that family was what led her to the jewelry industry.


Fisher was into fashion early on, working as a stylist at a magazine way before becoming a mother gave her the idea to start her own business. After many failed attempts, she unexpectedly became pregnant with her first child, Shane. The birth of her son gave her the idea for a simple dog tag with his name. When she couldn’t find anything that she liked on the market, she decided to design her own.

That minimalist necklace sparked a big demand for similar pieces, and her jewelry line was born. Uma Thurman wore one on the cover of Glamour, and Naomi Watts and Ashlee Simpson have purchased her designs too. Now, ten years later she has a brass collection, a high-end collection, and she’s working on a men’s line (customized cigar bands anyone?). And nope, her stuff is not cheap! Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, and Beyoncé are now some of her regular customers.

Fisher studied advertising in school and she recognizes that social media drives her a lot of her sales. She runs all of her channels herself, carefully choosing how much family stuff she shares.

The designer and entrepreneur believes that jewelry is very personal and reflects who you are, because everyone wears the pieces in different ways. Her jewelry encourages people to be creative by personalizing their pieces. Fisher’s own style is sophisticated and modern which is reflected in her line, but she strives for it to have a casual edge so that customers can wear it with anything in their wardrobe and feel comfortable.

I have coveted owning one of her pieces for years. When my twins were babies Jennifer’s sister-in-law and I used to do mommy playdates. She used to wear one of Jennifer’s amazing custom necklaces and I can vividly remember my tired “twin mom” eyes staring at its edgy coolness as I thought to myself, “must get some sleep (and a necklace of my own).”

Jennifer Zeuner is a mother of four and her jewelry line is based in Boca Raton, Florida with all of her pieces made in the USA. She calls her style “simple, with a spiritual twist.”

Ten years ago, Zeuner was trying to locate a necklace she’d seen Kate Moss wearing, and when she couldn’t find it, she made her own. She walked into a South Beach boutique wearing it one day and a buyer bought it right off her neck. Cameron Diaz purchased that necklace and Zeuner’s business was born! Since then, tons of other celebs have picked up pieces from her line, including Miranda Kerr, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, and Taylor Swift.

Zeuner frequently posts photos of her family and pets on her Instagram account. She’s a regular mom when she’s not hustling for her line and says her typical Sundays involve watching her kids play soccer, a visit to the beach, and family dinners. Zeuner explains that she balances family by prioritizing her kids’ events over work functions. She’s not gonna hold a trunk show on a day when her kid is in the school play!

Her line is minimalist and lends itself to being layered, especially her necklaces. (Her tip for layering: It should never look too calculated.”) Zeuner wants her stuff to be practical. Her motto is, “Follow your gut,” so if the design feels right, she’ll go with it and let it inspire her. She feels the most inspiration when her mind is quiet, like during runs on the beach and when she pulls out her sketchbook on a plane.

Zeuner is also the perfect example of how a brand can evolve. While her jewelry line began beaded and bohemian, it’s now more sophisticated, modern, and simple.  To see for yourself take a look at my Instagram feed and look for my Mariah butterfly necklace by Jennifer.                             I. Never. Take. It. Off.

Jennifer Meyer began learning to make jewelry at six years old when her grandmother taught her how to work with enamel. Meyer studied psychology at Syracuse University before working in communications for Armani and Ralph Lauren. Throughout her life, Meyer made jewelry for important milestones, to remember family, and to celebrate friends – it connected her to her roots and paid homage to the women who inspired her. She draws ideas from classic beauty and elegance, and her company believes that everything is more stylish when it’s worn with a smile!

Her jewelry made its national debut when Jennifer Aniston wore Meyer’s gold leaf necklace in The Breakup also starring Vince Vaughn. (I actually remember noticing and loving it!) Meyer made that necklace when she couldn’t find a leaf charm on the market that she loved. (Sensing a trend here?) Soon after, she founded her company and was named “2007 Jeweler of the Year” by Us Magazine. Since then she’s gone on to design the wedding ring for Aniston’s marriage to Justin Theroux. Now regularly worn by celebs on the red carpet, each piece is handmade at her studio in LA. Oh yeah, and Meyer herself was also married to Hollywood’s Spiderman, Tobey Maguire.

When she realized her dream of starting her own jewelry line over ten years ago, she founded it on the idea that jewelry is more than an accessory – it’s an extension of the women who wear it, a symbol of love, celebration, and luck. She strives to make simple shapes with the best materials. Her philosophy on life is, ”Be authentic, be unique and always sparkle.” And you know I dig that!

So what are the real lessons behind these women’s success? First, you CAN have your own successful business and a full, loving family life too. And second, if there’s something you want that isn’t already out there in the world, you can create it yourself! All of these women burst onto the jewelry scene after becoming frustrated with the options available to them. They didn’t settle – they built something unique! And as it turns out, the universe (and the market) rewards uniqueness and quality, because people notice it. That’s the secret to their popularity and success. They built something that wasn’t there before! And it caught on.

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