A She Shed

So yeah, it might’ve all started with the man cave, but like, this is TOTALLY better. Women around the world are building things called “she sheds” or “she caves,” which are beautiful spaces dedicated to doing things they love. These can be located in a quiet room somewhere in their home, outside in a former children’s playhouse, or well, in an actual shed in the backyard. Some even have running water or functional kitchens! These spaces are prettied up until they’re comfortable and gorgeous, decorated with flea market finds or luxurious touches. Some women paint the exterior a feminine color, while some go for a whimsical look, and many construct a storybook cottage all their own. Seriously, there’s no end to the design options! These are the things Pinterest dreams are made of, and they’re the ultimate DIY project. She Sheds have gotten so big that companies are now selling easy-to-assemble “shed kits” for women that don’t already have an old shed in their backyard to revamp. Love it, right? I know I do!  Most ladies are using them as spaces to pursue hobbies like painting, crafting, gardening, or reading, but some entertain, have tea, and visit with guests in their she sheds. And some females are likely using them as a place to chill out and get away from it all! I think it’s great that women are staking claim to these spaces! Anywhere women can take the time to show themselves a little self-love and cultivate their own creativity sounds like a fabulous idea to me!

Spark the Conversation: Share this new home trend with your girl… at your own risk. After you guys browse through photos of these magical looking sheds, you might find yourself on the way to Home Depot. Discuss what you would put in your “hypothetical she shed” because you’d no doubt be sharing yours with your girl. How would you decorate it? Cozy and plush or vintage and quirky? What kind of hobbies would you pursue there? Do you want a place just to lounge or a place where you can get creative? Whether you end up going for the she shed doesn’t really matter. It’s the dreaming that’s half the fun!


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