You love your daughter and want everything in the world for her.

You watch her navigate challenging circumstances and want desperately to help.

You need someone to help her find her voice and unique place in this world.

And you and she need practical “tools” to get her there.

That’s exactly what I do.

I’m a  Certified Life and Girls Leadership Coach and my passion is helping parents and the girls they love become their best selves.

Think of me as your girls best cheerleader always rooting her on!

I completed my coaching certification at the Martha Beck Life Coaching School and my Girls Leadership training at the Girls Leadership Institute .

I spent nearly a decade in the media industry in sales and marketing before switching my focus from serving big brands to serving parents (like me!),  young adults and girls who are looking to find their authentic voice!

I help parents, young adults and girls get away from the endless cycle of hiding their feelings, avoiding conflict, negative self-talk and playing small.

Together we engage in hands-on role play situations that help girls learn in their body and minds how to handle the ups and downs that lie ahead.

Through my programs, I give girls super-practical, actionable tools that they can use so they can start to play big.

This is Leadership with a little “l”.

Girls leading with confidence, calmness and comfortable in who they are.

To learn more about my offerings click here.

And in case you really want to know more about me…

I was born in Westchester, New York and lived in NYC after college until our third child who was living in the dining room pushed us into the suburbs.

I now live in the wonderful town of Larchmont, New York,  just 20 minutes away from my childhood home.

I’m a wife and mommy of 13-year-old boy/girl twins and a 10-year-old girl.

I have a Whoodle dog named Revis (go Jets!) who makes me smile every day.

My favorite things include running along the water,  having my own business, eating watermelon and toasted marshmallow flavored jelly beans, lemon and ginger tea late at night, Sunday family dinners and belly laughs with my girlfriends.

I don’t like pretending to be something I am not.

I do love surrounding myself with people who appreciate me for who I am. My hedgehog spikes and all.

I don’t like saying  YES when I really want to say NO.

I love being able to communicate with others about what I want and need clearly and respectfully.

I don’t love learning a new skill by being lectured at.

I do love playing games, watching movies and moving my body!


Love and Learning,







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