Game of Phones

Okay, so this game is actually really cool. And I think it’s even cooler because it’s a board game with a physical component rather than just an app. Your girls have their phones on them all the time anyway, and with Game of Phones they can easily play this scavenger hunt-esque game when they have some downtime!

It works like this: Each person gets their phone out and takes turns drawing a card with a prompt written on it. The prompt will say things like, “Send a message to your parents. First reply wins.” The winner gets the card and the person with the most cards at the end of the game wins (like in Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity). Other prompts include things like creating emoji masterpieces and finding the weirdest Google result for your name. This could be the next sleepover must-have and great way to bridge the gap of screen vs. real life! Finally, a reward for being the fastest person on your phone…

Spark the Conversation: Ask your girl if she would like to play this game with her friends? (Or maybe even with you?) Instead of lying around on her back scanning Finsta accounts and Snap Streak emoji’s, this could be a fun alternative that encourages competition, speedy fingers, and a bunch of laughs among friends … despite the fact that they’re still technically on their phones.

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