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Know About Netflix’s New Movie To The Bone

Recently Netflix released the trailer for its intense new movie that follows the realistic struggles of a 20-year-old woman suffering from anorexia. And there’s already been a lot of backlash on social media slamming the movie for promoting eating disorders. The fear is that this film (which also stars Keanu Reeves) is going to glamorize […]

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Featured Female … Lesley Kopp Friedman

 Featured Female: Lesley Kopp Friedman 46 years old White Plains, NY Cook, chauffeur, errand runner, tutor, psychiatrist, also known as “mom” Kids: Max (9) and Andi (14)   Our mission at the Girls Leadership League is to contribute to more confident and sparkly girls ….What advice would your big girl self give your teen/tween self about […]

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Tell Your Girl How You Feel About Her

You know how it feels when you receive a sincere compliment or thank you? As simple as it may seem, expressing appreciation has enormous emotional power! And even kids feel it. Your bond with your girl is strengthened every time you acknowledge and openly discuss her positive traits and qualities. Think about what makes you […]

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A She Shed

So yeah, it might’ve all started with the man cave, but like, this is TOTALLY better. Women around the world are building things called “she sheds” or “she caves,” which are beautiful spaces dedicated to doing things they love. These can be located in a quiet room somewhere in their home, outside in a former children’s […]

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Teach Your Teen Stand Up Comedy

You know that thing? The one that your daughter comes home and talks about on the days that she seems down? Maybe it’s a kid that makes fun of the way she runs in P.E. or a teacher who won’t cut her a break on the homework. Either way, it’s hard for our girls to […]

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Go Buy A Go Pro!

My girls and I waited so long to buy a GoPro! We were worried if we had one, we’d shoot tons of video and then never actually do anything with it. Well, for my daughter’s 15th birthday we broke down and bought her one, and boy do I wish we hadn’t waited! It’s so much […]

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Fanny Packs (yup, I said it)

  Could it be true? The fanny pack is cool (again)? Kids used to make fun of their moms for sporting these bad boys at amusement parks, and now they’re all about ‘em! Just in time for summer walks with my dog or the hikes I plan to take with my “non camper” kids. Patagonia […]

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Girl Crush Wednesday … Emily Weiss

  Emily Weiss, The CEO and Founder of online beauty company Glossier didn’t start her business because she was into makeup. She started it out of her frustration with the beauty industry’s inability to connect with its target audience. Thus she started a blog that interviewed women and celebrities and honestly asked them about their beauty […]

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