Fanny Packs (yup, I said it)


Could it be true? The fanny pack is cool (again)? Kids used to make fun of their moms for sporting these bad boys at amusement parks, and now they’re all about ‘em! Just in time for summer walks with my dog or the hikes I plan to take with my “non camper” kids. Patagonia makes one of my favorites in teal, but you can go as cheap or fancy as you want. Even Gucci and Alexander Wang are making them! For real though, fanny packs are super practical for daytime outings where you want to leave the purse at home. Fun fact: In Europe, they’re called “bum bags.”

Spark the Conversation: Take a look at some of these fanny packs with your girl and see which one matches her style best. Is she aware this fad is back? Are her friends rocking them yet? Pull out some of your old faves from your closet if you’ve still got ‘em. She may laugh, but nothings better than being able to say motherly cliches such as “what’s old is new again” to her just like your mom had once said to you.

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