To Buy… Stackable Bracelets and Brands That Care


Pura Vida handmade bracelets are casual, cool, and provide full-time jobs to people who need them. I love a company that’s doing good, and Pura Vida Bracelets helps local artisans in Costa Rica receive a steady paycheck. Their bracelets are cute, affordable, and on-trend because they’re super stackable – like, you could wear 10 at a time. Though they kinda lean towards the boho beachy vibe, they have a ton of designs, from colorful to simple, single strands or woven, and you can layer the heck out of them. The other best part about this company? You can purchase different bracelets to support different charities – from breast cancer awareness to autism to saving the sea turtles. And if there’s not a charity that strikes your fancy (doubtful, there are SO many good causes), their website lets you submit a charity for review and build your own bracelet to start fundraising. Oh, and their Instagram account just makes you want to be more fashionable and well-traveled!

Spark the Conversation: Research shows that Generation Z prefers to shop with brands and clothing lines that have a social cause. (Ya know, like how TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a kid in need every time somebody purchases a pair.) Talk to your daughter about this notion and ask her if it is something she thinks about when making buying decisions. And while you’re at it why not do some daydreaming together … Think about a business you two might start and what social cause or community of people you would  want to support with your efforts.  You never know where the seeds of an idea get planted.

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