Can we talk … U.S. Soccer and Equal Pay

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Instead of me diving deeply into a blog posting about my opinion on the controversy surrounding the U.S. Women’s soccer teams legal filing, I’d rather ask you dear reader to take some time to talk to your girls about what your family and she think about the issue surrounding the U.S. Women’s soccer team legal filing. You can head on over to google and read a headline story of your choosing or read this one from NPR which I found to be a good summary.

Share with your daughter your thoughts on the topic and depending if you want to bring another persons point of view into the mix, like your spouse, invite them join in on the conversation.  My husband being the numbers guy that he is was stating that perhaps one reason is that the women’s league had less fan attendance and smaller television viewership and thus ratings for their games were lower, however,  the NPR article proved that theory to be entirely untrue.  I’m sure you intuitively knew as well that wasn’t what this is about.

This topic brings to light some great conversations.

Once you’ve had an engaging conversation about the case, head on over to my Laurie W. coaching facebook page and watch the third from the top video that shows two children, a boy and girl, doing chores. They do the same chores for the same amount of time and when they come inside to get paid for their “work” watch what happens then.

Kids do say the darndest things indeed.

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