Cell Phone Sanitizer Could be a Savior

Ready for some gross stats? Here goes …

Your cell phone carries ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat. And it’s not uncommon for phones to carry staph, E. coli, or even MRSA. You know this is a real problem when Buzzfeed investigates it. Plus our phones carry our own personal collection of germs too, which isn’t a big a deal… until you start sharing. (A man in Uganda reportedly contracted Ebola from a cell phone that he stole – talk about karma!) But our cell phones can actually make us sick. We use them all the time and they touch a whole lotta surfaces. Think about it – you actually clean your toilet seat, but do you ever clean your cell phone? Enter the PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer which uses UV light to de-germ your phone. It’s a little futuristic box that you plug in, place your phone inside, and then close the lid to let the cleansing begin. The ultra-violet lights kill the germs and your phone will be (at least toilet seat-level) clean afterwards!

Spark the Conversation: Um, these stats are so shareable. Ask your girl if she knows how dirty her phone is and then prepare to gross her out. Maybe she’ll think twice before holding her phone in her mouth or biting her nails or eating with her hands right after a text. And then maybe you can both take a few minutes to clean your phones together!

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