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Dear Friends,

This winter break I visited an Orphanage in Israel and it changed me forever.
When I left there I thought to myself that I wanted to do something to help these kids in some small way that included doing something I love.
I wasn’t sure just what and how but I knew I wanted to stay in touch with these kids that called me Messi during a small soccer game that we played, I really want to help these kids in a way that is meaningful to both them and me.
Two months later I was cooking my famous chili for my family when my mom said to me, “you really should sell this Ryan, it’s fantastic and healthy too” and that’s when it hit me, “I got it” I shouted. “Chili for Children”!
I’ll make and sell my chili to friends, family and others I meet to raise money for the orphanage with 100% of the proceeds going directly to helping those kids GET a new soccer  field with new goals and new equipment.
And so here I am. A boy with a dream and ready to make turkey chili for you.
So place your order and I’ll deliver it to you within 3 days of the placement of your order.
Small – Feeds about 2 people $20
Large – Feeds 4-5 $40
and of course if you’d like to donate above and beyond your chili purchase It would be greatly appreciated. 🙂
All you have to do is order here and we take credit cards of course.
Please help me give to these kids what great pleasures and joy they brought to me.
Yours Truly,
Chef Ryan Rosenblatt
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