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August 1, 2017

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Does your daughter pay more attention to You Tube, and her Instagram feed than she does to you? Do you feel overwhelmed with your own digital distractions and unsure how to keep her safe, you sane and build her self confidence?

You are not alone!

Our girls are in the midst of a crisis of confidence and communication. Physical and psychological changes in their adolescent brain, mixed with the impact of the media message they see and hear 24/7, has our girls feeling lackluster about themselves and uncomfortable living “in real life”.

We parents feel powerless and paralyzed, gripped by fear that our daughters will be lacking in self-esteem and the necessary communication skills to survive and thrive in the real world.

And the worst part is, we parents are letting the unfamiliarity and triggering medium of social media interfere with our relationships with our daughters and implementing clear rules that we intuitively know we should.

Not anymore!

In Girls Just Want to Have Likes: How to Raise Confident Girls in the Face of Social Media Madness, Laurie W., a parenting and social media expert will help you:

Better understand the social media landscape.
Learn how to create a family media agreement that everyone agrees to.
Discuss ways to bring the fun back into your family life and away from the focus on screens.
Put into action the values and beliefs that your family stands for.
Learn ways to build your daughters leadership skills at right in your own home.
Heal your own childhood wounds so you can be a better role model.
Learn how to communicate with your daughter “in real life” and teach her (and you!) how to have a difficult conversation


Praise for the book

I really enjoyed this book. Having a tween daughter and another daughter (& son) in elementary school, I feel that the timing is right to explore how social media is and will continue to impact our lives. I want to teach my daughters (and son) to live in the “real world” and this book provides some great tools, tips and anecdotes. A worthwhile read!

In this quick, readable, funny and relatable gem about building teen girls’ confidence and managing the social media craze, the author gives great, user-friendly tips and insights on helping parents connect with their tween/teen girls (and whole family!) in a time of overwhelming social media appeal. The next generation of girls is lucky to hear from and be able to learn from Laurie Wolk in this wonderful new book.

As a mom of a 14 year old, 8th grade daughter, I can attest to the mom fears regarding social media. The author arms us with support and resources in a way that truly made sense to my not so techy ears. Read this if you are a mom freaked out by your teens social media “addiction” and want a big sister to guide you thru this this challenging time. Thx Laurie Wolk for being that Mama sister!

If you read only 1 book on parenting and dealing with social media, I highly recommend “Girls Just Want to Have Likes”. The book is smart, fun, easy-to-read and filled with useful tricks and techniques to raising happier daughters in this new social media generation. As a father with 3 children, including a 15 year old daughter, we all have trouble relating to the teens and their screens. This book offers easy-to-apply tools that promote better parenting and ultimately raising more confident and successful daughters in this social media dominated environment. Thanks to the author, Laurie Wolk, for writing and sharing this important book.

Sitting down to read Laurie Wolk’s book is like sitting down with a friend for coffee. When you have finished the book you will have good, solid, practical advice on how to help your children navigate the world of social media!

This should be required reading for every parent with kids growing up in this new, unchartered digital world. Laurie Wolk delivers great information and solutions for controlling the technology in your home in a fun and relatable voice. I truly appreciate the fact that as a parent herself, her professionalism and direction also comes from first hand experience. Now if she can just figure out how to remove the TVs from every family friendly restaurant I would really appreciate it 🙂
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