A Cool Cooler for the Playroom or Basement

When your daughters’ friends come over, they’re gonna eat your stuff. It’s pretty much your responsibility to provide for them when they’re in your house, right? And since your family’s kitchen fridge is packed with food for all of you, your girl would totally appreciate her own mini-cooler to hold her pals’ favorites. She can pack it with drinks and snacks for her friends to share when they come over and keep it wherever she wants! These tiny fridges are cute and sleek, and your girl can even pick the color. They plug into any outlet in the desired hangout spot and they’ll keep a few things chilled for sleepovers… or study sessions (hey, we can dream). And even for non-social occasions, maybe she’d like to keep one in her room to hide away her own favorite foods from sneaky siblings…

Spark the Conversation: Meal plan together before her friends come over, then take your girl to the grocery store with you to stock the mini fridge! What types of snacks do she and her friends like to eat when they hang out? Healthy stuff? Chocolate and candy? Popcorn for movies? Sodas or those trendy, flavored La Croix sparkling waters?

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