More Dance Parties in Your Jammie’s

I could make a mile-long list of all the important things I do in a day. And all the things I should be doing as well? It’s enough to make anyone want to crawl back in bed! Our kids also feel the crunch of being always on, especially our teens. They are told constantly that what they are doing right now matters for college and beyond, and that can certainly be overwhelming at times. We all need a break sometimes, an excuse to be silly and have some fun.

The answer? PJ dance party!  Ok, ok.  Maybe a PJ dance party isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the idea of doing something silly and letting loose is so important in our overachieving world. After an especially stressful upcoming month — Finals, HELLO! — tell your girl you have plans for the night. Make a few easy snacks, turn down the lights and download the strobe light or disco ball app on your phone. Cue up your best dance playlist (I recommend and love the Teen Dance Party mix on Spotify) and …. LET LOOSE.

Spark the Conversation:  Actually, don’t. This one is all about fun! Just turn up the jams — no explanation needed!

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