#defylabels by Mini USA – Superbowl Advertising At It’s Best

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Have you caught a look at the new ad’s for the Mini USA cars? OMG! I am in love …. It’s all shades of awesome.

The ads featuring Serena Williams and Abby Wambuch are my faves.

Serena’s commercial is going to play during the Superbowl this Sunday. In it she explains how getting past all the labels that people try to put on her (too strong, too sexy, mean) is pretty easy because she doesn’t worry about what anyone else thinks or says.

“Nobody can define you, only you can define you” she states boldly.

She goes on to explain that she got her confidence from the way she was raised.

“My mom was really confident and she always taught me to be a very confident individual”.

I love that. We talk about that exact notion in our classes. It is true that getting good grades, being “popular” and making that coveted travel sports team all help develop a young girls confidence, however, nothing beats the lessons she can learn from watching confidence play out in front of her day after day at home.

In Abby Wambuch’s commercial, she says that she accepted herself and who she was at a pretty early age. She explains that once she accepted herself and who she was the confidence just came.

She states emphatically, “If somebody says something about you that that you don’t like or isn’t true, who cares”

Uh H-E-L-L-O, has she been reading our Girls Leadership League curriculum? That’s exactly what we talk about with our girls. The idea that once we begin to turn inward and accept both the SHINY and the DULL parts of ourselves that only then can we can truly feel free.

Acceptance breeds confidence.

People judge. That’s what they do. We can choose to let it make us miserable or we can move on.

Abby and I agree. Moving on surely makes for a happier life.

So this Sunday while you’re watching the Superbowl with your family try not to head to the potty or for a refill on your food/drink until you are sure that Serena’s Mini USA commercial is not on.

It will surely be a breath of fresh air sandwiched between all those babes in bikini’s.






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