Faux Fur Slides


I got these for my littlest for her birthday and I’ve been obsessed with the trend ever since! And apparently, I’m not the only one. Steve Madden, Forever 21, and even Givenchy make pairs of these furry slides in tons of different colors and patterns. They’re a perfect modern take on the old-school furry slippers that you’ve seen women wearing on shows like Leave it to Beaver or All in the Family. It’s nearly summer and they’re fab for the pool, lounging around the house, and hey, maybe even going out and about if you’re bold like that. A pair of these slides would actually be perfect for college dorm bathroom situations. They may be a bit silly, but they definitely add a touch of fun to any outfit. When I see my daughter wearing them, they always make me smile.

Spark the Conversation: Does your girl think these shoes are trendy or just funny-looking? Would she wear them? Why or why not? Show her pics of a retro pair that they’re trying to mimic from the 1950’s… just to prove that every trend, no matter how ridiculous, always seems to reappear.



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