Featured Female: Amy Rosen

 Featured Female: Amy Rosen

Age: 49+
Larchmont, NY
Business:  Amy Rosen Cooking By Design
Kids: 2 Boys (19) + (21)

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Our mission at the Girls Leadership League is to contribute to more confident and sparkly girls.
What advice would your big girl self-give your teen/tween self about confidence?

Believe in yourself and keep your head held high.


In my classes, we teach young girls to create a Friendship Recipe of traits they are looking for in a true friend. What characteristics would be in your friendship recipe?

A true friend is someone who you can be yourself around.  They need to be fun, honest, active and adventurous. We believe strong family values and consistency are important in creating confident kids.


What was one of your favorite family traditions from your childhood? What new traditions have you started with your own family?

 I always loved cooking for the holidays with my Mother, Grandmother and Aunt.  We would be very busy chopping, sautéing and baking.  It was a great activity and we were all able to talk to each other and share our lives and experiences with each other.  This is how I made my career as a home chef and cooking coach.

I brought this experience and tradition to my home.  I have most of the holidays in Larchmont and together with my boys and husband we prepare the holiday meal.  It is a great way to be around the kids and have them share their day with me.


At the Girls Leadership League we teach our girls the importance of accepting oneself even when you don’t feel so sparkly …
How do you respond when you receive a compliment?

I embrace a compliment.  It is so nice for someone to verbalize a positive about you.  It makes me feel good even on days when I don’t feel so sparkly.


We believe pursing a passion is a great way to build confidence for girls …
If you had free time to pursue a “passion project” what would it be?

I would love to Rock Climb.  I think that would be really cool and I love the outdoors.


An important skill we teach our girls is how to identify how she feels about a situation and ask for what she needs to make it better. How good are you at communicating what you feel and asking for what you need with others?

I am very upfront about communicating my feeling with others.  I don’t believe in sugar coating my thoughts.  I feel the direct and truthful way is ultimately the better and clearer way to get my thoughts out.  This way everyone knows what my true feeling are.


Social Media is now a fact of life. Social Media … Love it or Love Hating It?

 I am not addicted to my Social Media.  I like to look at Facebook to see what my friends are up to but can easily turn it off. I like when people follow me on Instagram so please follow me.


What do you do to help balance your digital life and you’re your “real life”?   Any tips to share?

I try to do all my work and responsibilities first and then I can open my digital life.


When you look out into the world, who do you see as great role models for girls?

I think mothers have the potential to be great role models.  We have to do it all.  Balance family, home, and work and still have the stamina to sparkle.


We teach girls to embrace making mistakes. Can you think of a mistake that you made that led to great things – an important learning or a new direction?

When I was on the Nate Berkus show for a cooking contest, they asked us to make a comfort food.  I made Chicken Roundelays which was chicken stuffed with fig and Manchego cheese.  It is my families favorite comfort food.  I lost to Mac and cheese. I should have made America’s comfort food, I realized that even though I lost, I was proud of what the judges said about my food and that validated me as a chef.


We see fear as normal and a sign that you are pushing yourself to grow. Do you have any tips for pushing through fear?

 If you believe in your ideas and yourself, then even if you are afraid and push through, you will see how proud of yourself you can be when you succeed.

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