Featured Female & Girl Crush Wednesday … Kristen Bell

Beautiful and funny with #relationshipgoals locked down, Kristen Bell is the absolute greatest. And not just because Forgetting Sarah Marshall is still the funniest rom-com of the past ten years. Bell is refreshingly low-key and seems to avoid the drama of typical Hollywood celebs. She has a healthy relationship with social media and avoids posting any photos of her daughters online. She tells people, “Let social media be fun. Don’t let it be important.” So smart! Let’s all get that tattooed on our foreheads, shall we? She’s also spoken openly and honestly about her past struggles with depression and anxiety so that others can relate. Her interests also include sloths. Bell famously cried (from overwhelming happiness!) when her husband, Dax Shepard, surprised her with one in person. They have a low profile marriage and family life, playing pranks on each other and playing board games post-award shows. And her latest funniness? Bell speaks out about the wage gap in the U.S. in her trademark hilarious way in this satirical video about “Pinksourcing.”


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