Featured Female: Jodi Baretz

 Featured Female: Jodi Baretz

48 years old
Chappaqua, NY
Psychotherapist, Heath Coach and Mindfulness Coach
2 sons;  ages (17) (15)

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Our mission at the Girls Leadership League is to contribute to more confident and sparkly girls ….What advice would your big girl self-give your teen/tween self about confidence?

Be yourself and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. Girls who are mean are usually struggling to impress others to fit in and elevate their social status. It is rarely about you as a person, so don’t personalize it.


In my classes, we teach young girls to create a Friendship Recipe of traits they are looking for in a true friend …What characteristics would be in your friendship recipe?

I would look for someone who brings out my best qualities and has my back. A loyal person who genuinely wants me to succeed without jealousy.


We believe strong family values and consistency are important in creating confident kids …What was one of your favorite family traditions from your childhood? What new traditions have you started with your own family?

We always had a family dinner at my house. My dad worked for himself so we were lucky to be able to all have dinner together every night. In my current family, we also have dinner together but sometimes all the activities get in the way. We try as many nights as we can.


We teach our girls the importance of accepting oneself even when you don’t feel so sparkly …How do you respond when you receive a compliment?  Tell us about this.

It is so difficult for us to accept compliments! I have had to work on saying thank you when someone compliments me. Our first instinct is to refute it, but I am trying to own my own greatness. It is not easy, because I think we are uncomfortable with someone calling attention to our strengths.


We believe pursuing a passion is a great way to build confidence for girls …If you had free time to pursue a “passion project” what would it be? (i.e. something outside your regular work and leisure activities. For example, learning to knit or building a piece of furniture)

I do feel like I am living my passion in helping others live healthier, less stressful lives. I love to travel and would travel more if I had the time. I love photography and could go around taking pictures and editing them all day. ( To be a photojournalist and travel would be my passion).


An important skill we teach our girls is how to identify how she feels about a situation and ask for what she needs to make it better …How good are you at communicating what you feel and asking for what you need with others?

I have no trouble asking for what I need and communicating how I feel, but it took time and practice. It also depends on the situation, I don’t like confrontation, so sometimes its easier to let things go. However, for important issues with family or friends, I am able to communicate and get what I need. It is important to ask in a way that the other person is receptive, not in a demanding or obnoxious way.


Social Media is now a fact of life …Social Media … Love it or Love Hating It? What do you do to help balance your digital life and you’re your “real life”?   Any tips to share?

Love hate relationship.  I no longer charge my phone next to my bed and turn it off at 9:00pm most nights. I also don’t scroll Facebook mindlessly in the morning anymore. It is such a time suck and I am not interested in most of the content.


When you look out into the world, who do you see as great role models for girls?

I love Michele Obama. I also think Hillary is a great role model. She suffered enormous defeat but handled it with such grace and is back out there doing her thing.


We teach girls to embrace making mistakes …Can you think of a mistake that you made that led to great things – an important learning or a new direction?

I have followed many career opportunities before I started my private practice. I have learned from each one, and don’t regret anything. It is all a learning experience that taught me valuable lessons. I just saw a powerful Oprah you-tube video that said “failure is just there to point you in a new direction.”


We see fear as normal and a sign that you are pushing yourself to grow …Do you have any tips for pushing through fear?

We should not try and get rid of fear. I practice mindfulness, and it is our ability to be with the fear without it paralyzing us is key. Allow the fear to be there but don’t let it control you. Get comfortable with it, know it is there and push through. If you don’t feel any fear, you are not pushing yourself enough.

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