Get Started

First things first: schedule a free initial consultation.

We’ll both make sure that I’m the right person to help you bring your vision to reality.

When we decide to work together, here’s what happens:

The most important part of our process is a deep diving, clarity finding website consultation.

What makes me a great life coach is what makes me a great web gal.

I have a keen ability to bring clarity, perspective and creative solutions to any situation.

This is why our consultation is so insanely effective. It’s like having a life coach for your website. 

>>> Not sure exactly what you want? We’ll figure it out.

>>> Not sure how to combine 2 or 3 different services? We’ll find the thread and it will all make sense.

>>> Not sure what all the technical terms mean? I’ll take care of 90% of the details on my end. I’ll walk you through the other 10%.

Getting started with a Websmacked site is simple. Once you’re ready to roll, you will:

1. Pick your favorite package

Deep-diving/clarity-finding consult and coaching session.

A. Life Coach Your Site.

We’ll work together to make a beautiful plan for your website. Perfect for DIYers who can execute their website but need help getting clarity about what to put on it.

You’ll get:

>>> clarity about your site design and content

>>> confidence knowing exactly what technology you need  and where to find it

>>> a customized brand file with an mp3 of our session, a color palette and font choices to perfectly communicate your unique message. 

$399 (value: $599)


B. The Complete Caboodle

We’ll work together to make a beautiful plan for your website. Then you’ll sit back and relax while we put it all together for you. Once we have all of your materials, the site creation takes about 2 weeks.
You’ll get everything from Life Coach Your Site + a fully functional, beautiful website.

Sell products and services, welcome new newsletter subscribers, and share your message through your blog.

Site includes:

>>> Website (3-5 pages of content + blog + contact page)

>>> Branded images (header/masthead, 3 additional buttons to use elsewhere)

>>> Payment buttons that match your site

>>> Social sharing buttons, SEO and Analytics

>>> Complete site control

>>> Blogging platform with commenting system you’ll have complete control over

>>> Room for audio, video and product downloads

$799 (Value $1299)


C. The Whole Shebang

You’ll get everything from Life Coach Your Site + The Whole Caboodle + a 30 minute follow up coaching session for help on anything from technical education to creating the confidence to launch.

$899 (Value $1499)


2. Schedule your consultation.

You need 2 things for that call: a list of sites you love and sites you hate; and pictures of yourself. Professional photos are best but they’re not mandatory. If you’ve been procrastinating dealing with your site until you get pics taken, don’t worry about it. We can use something you already have. We have creative ways to make iffy pictures work in a beautiful site.


3. We’ll create your site.

If you have option B or C, we’ll start as soon as you give us all of your site copy and images. Our consultation will clear up any confusion you have about what to write. We’ll finish in 1-2 weeks after receiving all of your materials.


4. We’ll show you how to use it.

Ask me anything for 2 weeks following your website installation. Easy peasy.

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