Girl Crush Wednesday … Emily Weiss


Emily Weiss, The CEO and Founder of online beauty company Glossier didn’t start her business because she was into makeup. She started it out of her frustration with the beauty industry’s inability to connect with its target audience. Thus she started a blog that interviewed women and celebrities and honestly asked them about their beauty routines and favorite products. Online audiences really connected and engaged with her site, sharing their beauty experiences there. Glossier grew from that, and the company is now built on its brand strength and mission of embracing diversity and celebrating difference and individuality. Their small range of products is only available online, and they have a 10,000 person waiting list for a single shade of lipstick.

A month ago, I ordered a simple gloss  from Glossier, and it came with fun stickers, a cute pink bubble case, and an adorable tagline inscribed inside the box- and it was under $20! These products are less about emphasis on superficial beauty and more about the whole experience from packaging to purchase.

Weiss gives customers what they want by keeping a constant eye on the beauty world via social media like YouTube and Instagram. And the state of New York just gave them tax credits to encourage nearly 300 new jobs in their relocated headquarters downtown.

Represent. You go girl!


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