Girl Crush Wednesday … Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is beautiful and smart. While she can walk the runway with the best of them, she’s also a correspondent on Bill Nye the Science Guy’s new Netflix show. Ever since she was little, Kloss has been a math and science nerd. She dreamt of being a scientist, doctor, or teacher before being discovered at the age of 15 and taking off in the modeling world. But deep down, she’s still a nerd. Kloss says she’s found her place at the intersection of fashion and technology. Three years ago she took her first coding class and she’s been hooked ever since. At first it was all about satisfying her curiosity, but it turned out she loved learning the “secret language” of code. It inspired her to teach young girls about coding, not only because it’s the framework for all things tech, but because she wants to get more women into the field of computer science. She founded her own coding camp, Kode with Klossy, where she teaches the basics to girls ages 13 to 18. Her camp has grown so much that in 2017 they’re giving out over 300 scholarships to girls so they can attend classes for free in over 10 cities this summer!


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