Girl Crush Wednesday … Mehreen Big

I have a feeling this lady is going to do big things! Starring in the BBC’s controversial documentary Muslims Like Us (it’s being called a “Muslim Big Brother”), Baig is a 27-year old English teacher from London. While the two-part series attempts to show the range of beliefs and diversity among the Muslim population, she falls on the liberal side with her love of selfies, tight clothes, and mad eyeliner skills. Baig’s insight and authenticity made her a stand-out star among her fellow cast members – ranging from a gay housemate to a fundamentalist Muslim – and hopefully her personality will do even more to combat Islamophobia and stereotypes in the UK and around the world. She blogs about being a brown, British Asian woman and discusses everything from education to arranged marriages to being judged for not wearing a hijab as a modern Muslim woman. Her mother had hoped she would remain anonymous to avoid any judgment and negativity, but on her blog entitled Queen Mehreen, she posts insightful pieces like Practicing Islam in Short Shorts, which are worth a read for anyone and everyone (but especially those who think Islam is all about burkas and ISIS).


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