Girl Crush Wednesday … Olivia Jade

She’s the teen YouTube Star that girls love for her adorable awkwardness. She’s got that “I don’t know I’m beautiful” vibe going on as she details her daily routines, makeup rituals, and fun times with her friends and family. She’s inspiring lots of girls to go natural and stay humble, but at the same time her nearly 800,000 followers dream of having a celebrity mom as cute as hers – Lori Loughlin from Full House. Oh, and she has a handbag collection to die for, most of which she may have nicked from her mother’s closet! (BTW, her dad is the fashion designer behind Mossimo and her older sister Bella is gorgeous too.) Olivia has dreams of launching her own beauty or skincare line one day, having gotten into YouTube after learning techniques from the makeup professionals who get her mom ready for events. She’s followed the advice of her mother when it comes to beauty too, which is “Less is more.” Olivia reportedly treats her YouTube channel like a job, constantly filming, editing, adjusting the lighting, and adding music and graphics all by herself. She’s super likeable too – not only because she posts easy-to-replicate beauty tutorials, but she because she still goes to school and has a job like a regular teen!

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