Giving Back


I believe that helping others is a true gift for both parties involved. Giving back is an important component to developing confident, capable and caring young ladies. In todays digital world, we need to develop and strengthen empathy skills now more than ever. Research has shown that helping others can increase one’s self-esteem. A single smile on the face of someone you have “helped” is worth a hundred self help books or leadership workshops. By seeing first hand that you are improving other people’s lives you begin to see your authentic self and feel that you are valued. Volunteering “in real life” gives girls the opportunity to meet people who share their values and passions and the bonds that they form while giving back to the world are some of the strongest imaginable. Giving back often forces girls to get out of their comfort zone. When the only person that they have to disappoint is themselves, they are more likely to stay inside their shell. When their actions have a direct impact on the lives of others, they are more likely to step up – and as they do, they will see that they are capable of much more than they imagined.

Below some of the current Giving Back projects and relevant organizations to help you find what’s right for you and the girl in your life.

My Sister’s Place

Part of the income from my eBook will be donated to My Sisters’ Place of Westchester, New York. My Sisters’ Place provides confidential shelter, programs, education and advocacy for battered women and their children. I am honored to support their incredible mission.


Chili For Children- 3rd Annual

For the third year now, my son, Ryan, will be cooking his famous turkey chili to raise money for the Beit Hayeled orphanage in Jerusalem, Israel. An orpahange that serves all residents of the area. In the past the funds have been used to build a soccer field, buy a television and buy games and toys for the “rec” room.


Slime + Stress Balls

It started with a visit to Eve’s Sanctuary to cuddle with dogs that were in need of a home and ended with the creation of a hands on way that my daughter, Shawn, could help all animals in need of “rescue”. If you like to fiddle with something in your hand while at school, work or just hanging out, then Shawn’s slime or stress balls are for you!


Volunteer Match

Looking for a hands on way for you and your girl to do good? helps bring good people and good cuases together. Using their easy to use website, you can find a cause that lights you up. Get in touch with a non profit that needs you.


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