Giving Back


We’re thrilled to announce the 2nd Annual Chili for Children Fundraiser for the children at Beit Hayeled Orphanage.  For the past two years my son Ryan,  chops, cooks, packages and sells delicious and healthy turkey chili to friends and families to raise money for an orphanage we visited last December. Ryan at the time was trying to choose a mitzvah project that he felt excited about doing and personally connected to. He knew he wanted to do something that entailed cooking as that is a passion of his but how could he put his cooking skills to use for “good” was the question. When we were at The Beit Hayeled Orphanage on that cold December day and saw how lacking they were in supplies, games,and athletic equipment, he knew he had found his purpose.

Last year the money Ryan raised went towards new soccer goals and sports equipment and this year Ryan and the orphanage’s Director decided that the money would go towards redoing their recreation room and purchasing some good old fashioned board games.

So .. if you like Turkey Chili and want to support Ryan’s Chili for Children Campaign please click on the Donate Now button. 

And .. if you like the idea of helping kids create mitzvah projects or social action campaigns that they feel connected to click here.

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