Trampolining and Spin Class at Clay Gym in Portchester

Join me and Momentum Fitness on Friday, February 27th at 515pm at the new Clay Gym in Port Chester, New York for a fun and inspiring exercise class for you and your girl.

Starting at 515pm the girls will begin their fabulous Bounce/Trampoline Class while mom goes next door for a awe inspiring spin class. After the cool down, I will talk with the girls about
what leadership and trying new things means and play an interactive game with them that demonstrates the importance of being your own true sell.

Class is for Girls 9-11 years old and the moms who love them.

Trampolining and Spin Class at Clay Gym in Portchester  momentum lauriew


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The Jewish Museum Educator Workshop (private event)

In this workshop a discussion about contemporary ideals of beauty, body image, and the role of the media in shaping public perception in conjunction with the exhibition. Helena Rubinstein’s unique style and pioneering approach to business, cosmetics, and art-challenged conservative taste and heralded a modern notion of beauty, democratized and accessible to all. Participants will view the exhibition – featuring modern art, African sculpture,costumes, and more – with Jewish Museum educators and then work with Laurie W. leadership coach, on how to bring these principles back into the classroom.

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