Go Buy A Go Pro!

My girls and I waited so long to buy a GoPro! We were worried if we had one, we’d shoot tons of video and then never actually do anything with it. Well, for my daughter’s 15th birthday we broke down and bought her one, and boy do I wish we hadn’t waited! It’s so much fun! Our GoPro spurs our creativity, and unlike snapping pictures on your phone, it doesn’t take you out of the moment because you’re not separated from everything with a screen. It becomes part of the moment instead. Plus it’s super simple to use (it basically has one button), and it’s very compact and tiny. It creates sharp, professional-level video and photos, and you get all sorts of unique perspectives. And uh, waterproof is always good! You can take your GoPro everywhere – that’s what it’s built for after all. We love playing around with it!


Spark the Conversation: A GoPro (or any camera, really) is a fun addition to your family outings or gatherings. And it’s an activity in itself! You can go on photo walks with your girl, take pics and videos of each other, and then edit them together on your computer. Learning a new skill (or device) together is always exciting and you can help each other out along the way!

Maybe add something about why it’s not actually that hard to edit the footage you and your daughter have gotten!

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