To Google or Not to Google

In some ways it feels super convenient that we always have the answer to everything (okay, nearly everything!) right there in our pockets! In other ways, we might be destroying our natural interactions with others by using our smartphones as a crutch to become the all knowing!

So is it okay to stop mid-sentence whenever a question arises to ask ol’ Google?

Erm, well I dunno!

You never want to be rude, of course, but there are alternative theories on this. Here me out! Some folks feel that kids using mobile devices or computers have an easier time interacting with each other other when they can pull up information quickly and share it with their peers. Maybe it gives them more confidence that what they’re relaying is correct and important? But others, worry that kids might be second-guessing themselves when they think they know the answer and instead of “trying” to figure it out or risk being wrong,  they are automatically Googling the question. This enables young adults to hide behind their screens and interrupts the natural pace of everyday discussions. It stifles deeper conversations that require some thinking or talking things through with others. Either way, it sure does ruin a good ol’ fashioned  dinner table debate…


Spark the Conversation: Next time you or your girl get stuck on the answer to a question – like what actor played Reese Witherspoon’s not-quite-ex-husband in Sweet Home Alabama – resist the urge to Google it! Throwing out names and laughing at how wrong you can be is sometimes really fun. Pretend like neither of you have your phones and if your brain feels like it’s going to explode without the answer, THEN maybe you can Google it! This works even better with more interesting topics that don’t have a definitive answer … Try it out at dinner tonite!

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