I admit it, Laurie Loves Kylie

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One of the many reasons that I love working with young girls is that I really am a teenager myself.  This is why this section, Laurie Loves, is one of my favorites. I really enjoy scouring the stores and internet to find the latest and greatest things that perhaps you and your girl haven’t heard about — just yet.

However, this one I have to admit I feel a bit torn about endorsing as truth be told I am not a very big fan of the Kardashian family.  I do thank them for providing a launching off point for me to engage my girls in important conversations about privacy, self esteem and one’s body but that’s a topic for another time.

Try as I may to ignore most things those gals do, every once and awhile they come out with an interesting product.

This time it’s Kylie who has it going on.

Have you seen Kylie Jenner’s new lip gloss line? If you have not, it is pretty darn awesome I must say.  I haven’t seen any of the products in person just yet as they have been sold out for weeks. However,  our twenty something babysitter scored herself a few lip kits and said that it looked, felt and worked amazingly!

She told us that the matte version stayed on all day / night and felt great. The glosses were super soft and there was no worrying about your hair getting stuck on your lip with these glosses.

In my house we are currently coveting Candy K (though it’s not vegan) and Posie and await their replenishment with baited breath.

So go ahead friends, take a look at this new line of lip glosses and decide for yourself what you think … like it or not I guess those Kardashian girls are pretty darn clever (or at least someone they’ve hired is 🙂

Oh and the tag line slays me …




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