Laurie Buzz

“Laurie led a fun, hands-on mother/daughter workshop where we learned that parents are the ultimate role models for their children and bringing them together for this type of workshop is powerful and Laurie a powerhouse. We look forward to having her back!”
– Sheri West, Founder & Executive Director, LiveGirl Inc.

“Laurie has a wonderful way of connecting with both moms and their daughters — allowing them to be themselves and express their views openly”
-Staci G.

“Laurie has an instinctual ability to get the root of the challenges facing our girls today. She is able to see the world through their eyes and offer a perspective and advice that helps them turn what they see as an impossible situation into an opportunity!”
– Lisa S

“Laurie peels back the layers of what can be a complicated and challenging about raising girls in todays digital age. She connects not only with the kids but also with the moms. It’s a team effort and Laurie puts you and your kids on the right path.”
– Jody S

“Laurie’s talks offer so many great nuggets of wisdom. Laurie knows the world of tween-teen girls as if she’s right in the middle of it yet, her practical, well grounded, actionable advice clearly comes from years and years of research and study.”
-Alison P.

“In today’s challenging world of social media, there’s no one I’d rather have beside me than Laurie helping me raise an independent leader!”
-Leslie N.

“Attending Laurie’s workshops is like sitting down with a friend for coffee. When you are done, you feel ready to take on the world filled with optimism and good, solid, practical advice on how to help your children navigate the world of social media!”
– Dani R

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