Taming Your Monkey Brain

Today’s constant multitasking, addictive technology, and social media has created a syndrome called “Monkey Brain.” We can no longer think clearly, focus, or complete simple tasks because we’ve got so much other stuff going on in our brains! Symptoms include checking texts or emails way too frequently, feeling pulled in several directions, and difficulty making decisions or solving problems. As a result, our relationships, our health, and even our ability to have fun all suffer! Luckily there are things you can do to help tame your Monkey Brain. There’s meditation, deep breathing in a quiet space, and an exercise in which you remove low-value tasks and thoughts from your brain’s agenda. Read more about how to declutter your mind here!

Spark the Conversation: Do you or your girl suffer from Monkey Brain? It’s a definite possibility! Run through the checklist of symptoms in my full blog post  and then try out the exercises I’ve discussed there. Maybe download a meditation app and calm your minds together!


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