Chili for Children Letter

Ryan’s 2nd Annual Chili for Children Fundraiser for the children at Beit Hayeled Orphanage.

Here we go again … it’s Turkey Chili time!

Last year was such a success that I decided to make Chili for Children an annual fundraiser.

For those who ordered chili last year, I can’t thank you enough for your support of my efforts to raise money for the Beit Hayeled Orphanage. The fundraiser was a huge success and the orphanage shared with us that they redid the grass on the soccer field and bought new goals, balls and pinnies with our money.

For those who are new to my Chili for Children campaign, here’s how it works. Since I love cooking I decided to use my culinary skills to do some good.  I am selling healthy Turkey Chili in Small (feeds 1- 2 people) and Large (feeds 3-4) containers to raise money for an orphanage that I visited last year.

I spoke with the Orphanage Director and we decided that the money we raise this year will go towards sprucing up the kids game room — a new television and lots of good ol’ fashioned board games like Clue, Sorry and Scrabble.

So how about a big bowl of Chili (or two or three) and help make this winter a lot more fun for the kids at Beit Hayeled Orphanage.

Because I am doing all the shopping, chopping, preparing and packaging of the turkey chili AND my mom is doing all the delivering (city and suburbs), we decided it would be easier and faster for many if we offered  pickup as well as delivery.
Pickup will be with 2-4 days after purchase and Delivery will be within a week or so.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get going … go order some Turkey Chili my friends!

Many thanks for your support and friendship

Happy New Year!
Ryan and the Wolk/Rosenblatt Crew

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