Make Glitter Jars With Your Girl

Ready for a fun project you can do with your girl to help keep you both calm and connecting? Make “Glitter Jars”! Okay, so they’re super simple, but these jars of swirling glitter honestly have a very cool, soothing effect. And they’re surprisingly beautiful and fun to make! All you need to make one is a jar or bottle, clear glue, glitter, and water! (Food coloring is optional if you want to color it.) First, fill a mason jar with boiling water. Then add the glue and stir it in – the more glue, the thicker the liquid will be, and the slower the glitter in your jar will fall. Add as much glitter as you like – iridescent glitter makes it sparkle! Make sure the jar is filled to the top (you can add more water if you need it), close the lid, and shake it around to ensure everything is combined. It’s done! Now watch the glitter swirl and settle. Try not to think of anything else (ah, yeah, right …) and just focus on the jar. Decorative and stress-relieving, the glitter represents the mind settling and you and your girl sparkling!

Spark the Conversation: Ask your girl if she ever gets distracted or feels like her brain is overloaded. Talk about why that is and ways she (and you) can try to relax. To help calm both your minds, make one of these glitter jars together and then stare at it, trying not to let your mind wander. Focus on the glitter and the glory of having done a fun project together amidst both your crazy schedules.

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