Must, Must, Must Watch from Simon Sinek



Must, Must, Must … watch this. I loved Simon Sinek when he asked us all in his amazing book to ponder our own “Why” but his description of the perils of social media are spot on!

In his words … “looking at your screen, getting a text, a “like”, those release dopamine, just like drinking and smoking.

So putting no limits on screen usage is the same as saying to your kid, “Oh hey, ya this teenage thing is hard, here have a drink or a smoke – it will help you to feel temporarily better and ease the discomfort.”

We need help from the schools too. There should be no phones (other than emergencies) during the day and this includes lunch.

Lunch is our kids chance to interact and have conversation.

A girl can dream … can’t she?!

Video Credit: Ben Chan

Watch the complete interview here.


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