Building Confidence in the #Selfie Generation

Let’s face it, with our busy “on the go” lifestyles and our girls being raised in today’s social media-obsessed culture, our girls aren’t learning many of the “real life” skills they need to gain confidence, become leaders and thrive! So many of us parents are paralyzed by the fear of the unknown that we are “ignoring” the role that social media and the ever pervasive screens have on our girls. Not anymore.

Laurie W. and the Girls Leadership League works with parents and girls to help connect them to each other and their true selves and teach them the skills to communicate and lead in real life.

Through speaking engagements, live and online workshops and events Laurie W. is changing the dialogue for families and girls worldwide.

At the Girls Leadership League, we believe that early exposure to communication and leadership skill-building has a significant impact on a young girls confidence and future. Our goal is to show girls that they don’t have to play small. That to truly step into their power they need to learn to take risks, speak up, develop healthy relationships and accept themselves.

Our brand of leadership starts with a little “l”. It is assertive, not aggressive. Inclusive not exclusive. We lead ourselves and in turn inspire others to do the same.

“We all have a Wonder Woman inside us”

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