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Do you know the difference between a Snap and a Tweet?

Do you lie awake at night worried that social media is going to harm your daughter, thinking there’s nothing you can do? Is social media ruining your daughter’s life and your relationship with her?

Do you watch older teenage girls attached to their phones as they walk out of high school without looking up and wonder if that destiny is for your little girl?


Then THIS class is for you!

Safe, Sane, and Self-Confident — an exciting and engaging three-week class that teaches you what you need to understand and put in place in order to stay sane, keep your girl safe and build confidence (hers and yours!) in the digital age.

We spend untold time and money teaching our girls how to excel in school, sports, music, theater and dance. Why aren’t we spending time developing our girls relationship, communication, leadership and emotional intelligence skills? These skills are far better indicators of future success for our girls’ futures!

Our girls are in the midst of a crisis of confidence and communication because of our busy after school culture and the hold that screens and social media have on our children.

I will help you stop focusing on the fear about what social media is doing to your daughter so you can create clear and simple rules surrounding social media usage in your home. I’ll gently hold you accountable to implementing them.

Together we will identify your specific concerns about social media’s influence on your daughters so we can find the solution.

I’ll teach you to have open discussions, help your daughter discover what she enjoys and give her opportunities to lead. These things — not more parental controls — help develop confidence!

You and I will work together to build capable, creative and communicative kids!

Together, we will replace your fear with a sense of accomplishment and pride that you and your child have put social media in the background where it belongs, and fostered a new, more open relationship.

There are many negatives about social media, but we can’t overlook the lens it provides into our children’s lives — a lens that allows us as parents to understand exactly how they are feeling and what they are experiencing. Our parents never had that!

Parents today have the gift of knowing. Let’s use it wisely.

Join me in my three-week class so we can help both you and your daughter reconnect become the best version of herself!


Webinar Schedule:

Week 1: How to Keep her Safe.
Tuesday, January 17th
Noon OR 7:00pm EST.
Social Media 101. The who, what, where, when and why of it all
– What girls are doing online
– How the popular apps work
– What to look out for
Week 2: How to Keep you Sane.
Tuesday, January 24th
Noon OR 7:00pm EST.
– How to create rules that are easy to follow and enforce around digital media in your home
– Being a media mentor and role model for your girl
Week 3: Raising Confident Girls in the Selfie Generation.

Tuesday, January 31st
Noon OR 7:00pm EST.
– The importance of decoding what she sees online and around her
– How to truly connect with your girl amongst all the media influences
– Teach your girl how to speak up and ask for what she needs
– The power of failure

BONUS: Online Facebook Parenting community for support, questions and to post homework
– 1 free 30-minute one-on-one coaching session to address your specific challenges, needs and questions.

Safe, Sane, and Self Confident Parenting Seminar is led by Laurie Wolk.

Laurie has integrated more than two decades of professional experience as an educator, mentor, coach, trainer, marketer, therapist— and parent—to provide parents with engaging programming that can help balance the influence social media has on their family, and create the harmony and confident young ladies they desire.

Laurie received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Emory University and is a certified coach by the Martha Beck Institute and a Senior Educator at the Girls Leadership Institute. Laurie has a private practice in Larchmont, New York. She is on the Board of the Girls Leadership Institute and the Westchester Children’s Museum. Laurie has been called a “modern mentor” by clients. An engaged and hands-on mother of three, Laurie understands kids and is able to connect with them both as a guide and a friend.

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