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Jodi Goddard

Jane Peck

Sarah Yost

Rebel Fitness Monkey

Mandala Health Center


Trina Rabideaux

Jessica Funk

FabFit Training


The FabFit studio is a private, comfortable, fully equipped training space – not a weight room filled with body builders, or a crowded class at the gym. You’ll use all latest equipment, such as TRX and kettle bells. A safe space, designed to put you at ease.


Barbara Barnett, Ageless Able


Barbara Barnetts assists other Ageless Ables to hear their inner voices and move full speed ahead to attain their hearts’ desires.






Andrea Dow



Andrea Dow works with intelligent women ready to end their battle with their body and food so they can transform their lives and experience the joy and freedom of being fully present.




Terry Sawaya



Terry works with women who want to be free from the constant obsession with diets and food. She wants you to lose the frustration and gain peace and freedom.




Here are 4 sample sites.

And of course this one that you’re looking at right now is #5. Since this venture is brand new, I used the content from my main site, www.sarahwagneryost.com.

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