School for Grandma’s in India

Something very cool is happening near Mumbai, India. A school for grandmothers, the Aajibaichi Shala, is making it their mission to give women between the ages of 60 and 90 an education that they didn’t get when they were younger. Many of them never learned to read or write because they were kept home when they were young girls in order to work or get married and start families. Some of them even had siblings who were sent to school while they were held back. Many never even learned to sign their names. Now these grandmothers wear pink school uniforms and tote matching satchels to class, and for two hours a day they learn basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. Reportedly, the families of the village are super supportive and the school just celebrated its one year anniversary. The grannies say they feel very happy and proud to be gaining new skills, even if it is later on in life. Grandchildren can be seen dropping them off, escorting them to school, and even helping them with their homework.

Is that not the sweetest role reversal ever?!

Spark the Conversation: Share this story with your girl and discuss how lucky we are to be able to get an education from a young age. Then ask her to imagine if you or her grandmother went back to school at this age! How would she like if the tables were turned and she had to help with your homework?!

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