A Scratch-Off Map

Every house needs a map of the world! So why not get one that records the places your family has traveled together? And I don’t mean by placing a pin in some corkboard! Part memento and part geography lesson, this gold map of the world lets you scratch off the states and countries that you’ve visited to reveal a color underneath. It’s so much prettier than the average map! Just having it hanging around the house might motivate your family to see more of the world! You’ll want to visit and scratch off more places, and it might get your kids interested in other countries, cultures, and landscapes. Maybe they’ll be the ones to brainstorm and research the next family trip!

Spark the Conversation: Every time you and your girl scratch off a place, you can reminisce about the time you spent in that state or country. What was your favorite part of the trip? Your favorite city or activity that you did together? Your favorite meal you had there? It’s sure to bring up some good memories and get you excited for more!

Check it out and buy it here … Pretty cool, eh?



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