Sparkle Report: April 12

Good Afternoon Sparklers,

This week, take a digital detox. Not just you, the entire family. I promise it will be will be better than ok. We need to relax the brain, ask ourselves important questions, and take a step back.

“it’s ok to be a glowstick, sometimes we need to break before we shine!”

Love and Learning,

To Do … Spring Break Phone Break

Have you and your family ever done a digital detox together? Spring Break is the perfect time to try it out. Everybody, hand over your devices please…

To Think About … The Power Of Why

Remember when your girl was a toddler and she asked you “Why?” no less than one million times a day? Congratulations for surviving those years! But now I want to ask you to go back to those days so she can continue to learn more …

Featured Female & Girl Crush Wednesday… Kristen Bell

It’s not often we come across such low-key, down to earth celebs, but Kristen Bell is just the coolest. She’s creating hilarious videos, filming movies with her super fun husband, and has some surprisingly insightful advice on how to handle the intensity of social media. Read more about this funny female here…

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