The Sparkle Report: March 27th

Good Afternoon Sparklers,
In this week’s sparkle report we discuss the power of “LIKES”, tips on making decisions and some family friendly April Fools Day pranks.

A Spark of Wednesday Wisdom for your day …
“Don’t make a permanent decision for your tempory emotion.”

Love and Learning,

To Do … April Fools Day Jokes

Beware, pranksters everywhere have been waiting all year for this holiday. April Fools Day might be stressful if you’re always the victim, but we’ve got some fun pranks that you and your kids will love!


To Buy … Cell Phone Sanitizer

I hate to break it to you, but your phone is probably pretty gross. Like covered-in-tons-of-germs gross according to laboratory tests and petri dishes. Maybe it’s time to give it a cleaning? This device will do it for you!


To Learn … How to make decisions (from the gut)

What do we all do hundreds of times a day? Make decisions! And whether they’re big or small, we often have to analyze their consequences in a split second. Help your girl think through her decisions and make the best ones possible.


To Think About … How LIKES affect kid’s Brains

Social media alerts give us a little rush of dopamine, because duh, we like to feel liked! It’s science! But did you know that studies of kids’ brains are telling us some weird things about why they choose to “like” certain photos over others? Just read on and I’ll explain….


 Featured Female & Girl Crush: Meghan Markle

She might be dating Prince Harry, but this woman has more on her mind than glass slippers! Humanitarian worker and star of the hit TV show Suits, Meghan Markle is all about helping others with her Hollywood clout. Find out more reasons we wish she was our friend…

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