Sparkle Report: Week of May 15

Good Afternoon Sparklers,

The digital world is amazing! And the power of today’s online personalities and the advances made in digital music streaming, well, wow! Yup, all you need is the right connection.

“Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring”

Love and Learning,

To Do … Find The Right Online Model

Whether we like it or not, “Internet celebrities” are kinda becoming role models for our girls. YouTubers, online personalities, and bloggers get a ton of respect from their tween and teen audiences. Read more to find out why they like online celebs so much, and which ones are (and aren’t) worth their (or your) time …

To Buy … Spotify Premium

How do you and your special girl get your music? Buying new music on iTunes now-a-days can get expensive. But Spotify Premium puts all the music and cool playlists you could ever want in your pocket. And how about giving her (and you) a treat as the school year comes to a close and upgrade yourselves to Spotify Premium! You’re guaranteed to have lots of conversation sparklers discussing her favorite new band, singers and playlists …

Featured Female: Wendy Goldstein

As a former public relations director in the fashion industry, Wendy has since channeled her creativity and love of style and design into crafting beautiful photo albums. She believes your favorite memories should last a lifetime in a beautiful way.

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