The Sparkle Report: Week of January 23

Good Afternoon Sparklers!

It’s a great time to be a girl, and if you don’t believe me, look no further than this past weekend’s Women’s March. It was epic .. E.P.I.C! In cities across the country and world, women, men and children gathered to stand for not only Women’s rights but ALL humans rights. Showing through action that we are here to support their future.

Now that’s true strength and sparkle!

It’s been a soggy, busy week with rain and high school midterms, but it’s always warm and Sparkly here… so dive into this weeks Sparkle Report!
Love and Learning,

To Do … Let Alexa Help You Get Those Phones Downstairs

We all know and love Amazon’s Alexa, the cloud-based personal assistant and the brains and voice behind the Amazon Echo. She helps us figure out how many cups are in a quart and sets timers and alarms when we need them. She’ll even play the latest Maroon 5 song on demand.

Well, my family has just discovered her younger and less expensive sister named Dot though we call her Alexa too. It’s a smaller version of the Echo that retails at $49.99 and it’s quickly becoming my kids’ favorite “toy.” And FYI, you don’t need the Echo to use the Dot!

You see, I was looking for a way to convince my children (again) that we should take iPhones out of the bedroom at night and not use them as alarm clocks anymore. I explained to them how the blue light ( suppresses melatonin production at night and that their growing brains weren’t fully disengaging with their phones looming ominously in their rooms. When I mentioned that as a new years gift we’d get them each an Amazon Dot in exchange for moving their phones down to the kitchen at night, they agreed. And wow – what a change we have seen in just a few weeks!

Spark the Conversation:
Have you ever told your kids to put down a device and not gotten an eye roll or dramatic sigh in response? They know what you’re gonna say before you say it “Quality family time, limitations, blah, blah blah…” Do you ever just want to say “Because I said so”? If using the Dot and putting the phones downstairs creates some extra cuddle and conversation time, use it to have an open discussion about the WHY behind some of your “rules”. Often, we only have this discussion in the heat of an argument and when tempers are running high. Let your girls talk about how they feel about some of the “house” rules. Having a discussion in a neutral setting could help you understand each other better and let her know that her opinion really does matter. It’s important for her to know that by speaking up and sharing with you (and others) how she feels and what she wants, that she can effect change in her world (and her home!) Who knows maybe you’re raising a little public defender!

To Buy … Korean Beauty Products At Target

Korean women have been hardcore about skincare and beauty for ages. And now their products are popping up on U.S. shelves and gaining huge popularity. Covering things up with makeup all the time is out! Americans are gradually learning that we’ve got to work on our skin and health if we want to look great. There’s a holistic view and an enjoyable ritual to skincare that the women of South Korea have embraced for centuries, and we’re just now starting to appreciate it.

This K-beauty craze basically started with the BB Cream , an uber-popular, all-in-one cosmetic item (a moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, and foundation in a tube.) It originated in Germany but blew up in Korea before sweeping the Western world. The CC Cream soon followed, and now we’re picking up everything K-Beauty is putting down, from sheet masks to brightening products.

Women around the world are gravitating toward this stuff because it’s a unique experience from what we’re used to! It’s innovative, fun and focused on quality ingredients and affordability. Also, most K-Beauty products have incredibly cute packaging! Sign. Me. Up.

Sephora and Urban Outfitters already sell Korean beauty products, but now every suburban family’s fave store, Target, has decided to hop on the bandwagon. On January 22nd, Target launched its K-Beauty collection, and most of the products have price tags under $30. With everything from snail extract repair creams (yes, you read correctly) to three different types of sheet masks, you’ll wanna add something new to your beauty routine! Click here  to check out all the products coming to Target soon!
Spark the Conversation:
Talk to your daughter about the idea that beauty is an extension of one’s health and why we should work on our looks from the inside out. Rather than covering up what we don’t like about our looks, discuss how we can work on preserving the natural beauty we each posses and improve what we can by taking care of our skin and ourselves. This way, our faces will be showcasing authenticity and beauty! If she’s interested, take a trip to Target to check out the K-Beauty collection. Pick something you’d each like to try – as adventurous or as tame as you like! Talk to your girl about the good ol’ days when you used those peel-off face masks, blackhead strips, or put cucumbers over your eyes with your besties. It’s a fabulous memory many of us girls hold near and dear! K-Beauty offers the chance for you to experience that together. And when you do, please send pics!

To Learn … The Brand Of You

Obsessed with online personalities, we often fail to focus on ourselves. And let’s face it: all that jealousy-inducing social media doesn’t exactly make us feel good or encourage any self-development. We (our girls and us) have gotta stop obsessing over what the Insta-famous are doing and look inward instead!

Introspection is a key tool, and we should teach our girls how to discover their own likes, dreams, goals, and desires. Basically, how to build their own “brand”!

They’ve first gotta realize that everyone’s social media profile is just a highlight reel, because nobody’s life is that perfect and beautiful all the time. At the same time, our girls need to develop the social and emotional skills necessary to rise above those online influences and focus on themselves! Then they can put their newfound realness – their brand!- out there for everyone to see. And don’t forget, we’re the ones that need to role model this kind of behavior for our girls!

Authenticity always gets the most likes.

Spark the Conversation:
To help you and your girl discover what your brand is, ask yourself a few questions: What comes inherently easy to me? What do I enjoy doing when I have free time? What do I do that causes me to lose track of time? Crafty art projects, singing, dancing, cooking, a particular sport, planning parties, organizing, fixing things, following the latest fashion trends? These are just a few! Check out my full article on the “Brand of You” to read more tips on how to figure out your own personal brand!

To Think About … Who Is Your Superhero?

What’s your idea of a superhero? Well, eight-year-old Michelle Threefoot made national news  when she decided that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was who she wanted to dress up as for her elementary school’s superhero day. Inspired after reading I Dissent, a children’s book based on the life of the Notorious RBG, she popped on a pair of thick-framed glasses and slicked her hair up in the iconic bun before heading to school. (A jabot  wasn’t included in the get-up apparently…)

Justice Ginsberg is known for rising to the highest judicial position in the nation despite all the inequalities she faced as a female entering the legal profession. She provides an example for women in law and other arenas, showing them they can succeed despite being denied opportunities that were given to men.

Michelle’s mom posted a photo on Facebook of her daughter holding the book about RBG with the caption, “Girls who read are dangerous” and of course, it went viral. The photo was followed by the explanation, “Girls who read really are dangerous, to unfairness and outmoded inequalities.” Best of all, the 83-year old replied to the third grader with a handwritten message on Supreme Court stationary saying, “You look just like me. May you continue to thrive on reading and learning.” Hello, best show-and-tell ever!
Spark the Conversation:
When we engage our girls in REAL conversations (Justice Ginsburg and what she stands for) and also engage them in REAL fun (dress up as Ginsburg) that’s when the MAGIC shows up! So let’s show our girls some modern day role models who are making a difference instead of just taking selfies at Coachella.

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