The Sparkle Report: Week of June 13

Good Afternoon SPARKlers,

It’s officially summer here on the East Coast. The suns a-blazing and the school year is officially coming to an end. This week were talking about fanny packs, why girls aren’t “dating” and one of my favorite new makeup lines and women entrepreneurs!

“Talk to someone every day, that makes your day.”

Love and Learning,

To Think About … Why Aren’t Girls Dating Anymore?

Many private schools have finished and public schools are winding down; Wahoo! This gives us time to reflect on the year and the relationships (boys and girls) that they’ve had. Upon conversation with many teen girls, I’ve seen that there’s a strange phenomenon happening. Many girls these days don’t seem to be pursuing relationships. But why???

To Buy … A Fanny Pack

Guess what’s back? The fanny pack! Oh yeah, I’m serious. Keep all your stuff on your body and your hands free. It’s so practical I wonder why it ever went out of style… and with school out and summer break on the horizon, you are going to be stylin!

Girl Crush Wednesday: Emily Weiss

People are crazy about Glossier (pronounced gloss-ee-ay), a beauty brand that’s only available online! Meet the brilliant woman behind the company that stays on top of what women want from makeup and how to use social media (and fab packaging!) to get our attention …

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