The Sparkle Report: Week of June 5

Good Afternoon Sparklers,

Ahh, shopping … Such a love / hate relationship many of us have with the activity. But when it comes to our girls, the struggle and the toll it takes on their self esteem is real! And while were talking self esteem, what app do you think is hurting our girls self esteem the most?

“YOU are entirely up to you”

Love and Learning,

To Think About … What are we telling our girls with clothing size?

Ever go shopping and try something on and it’s size is just wayyyy off? Yeah, that seems to be happening a lot these days. Certain brands (ehem, many of the teen focused stores where our girls shop) have been exposed for the crazy sizes they’re slapping on clothes. Find out what that means for girls’ confidence …

To Learn … The worst social media platforms for self-esteem?

We all knew that scrolling through images of other people’s perfect bodies and amazing wardrobes probably wasn’t the best thing for our girls’ mental health, but now science has proven it! Find out which social media platform is the worst for our girls’ self-esteem…

Featured Female … Stacey Lender

Stacey Lender grew up in the suburbs of New York City with a god-awful perm. She started her career as a roadie and rose through the ranks from luggage schlepper to marketing executive for entertainment companies nationwide. Today she lives in Manhattan with her husband and two daughters. Her debut novel, City Mouse, “A hilarious book about the city vs. suburbs divide,” hits bookstores nationwide June 6th, Yup! that’s yesterday!

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