The Sparkle Report: Week of March 13

Good Afternoon Sparklers,

For those on the East Coast, I hope you enjoyed your snow day and school delays. This week you’ll notice that there’s a new format to the sparkle report. Shorter articles that you can read “on the go” and refer back to when you have more time. Think of me as that special friend of yours that is always looking to save you time and help you stay “in the know” about everything going on in your girls world.

Last week I received countless emails about how helpful the Social Media Cheat Sheet was — that’s awesome!. I love hearing from my readers and please do reach out and let me know what topics you want to discuss and learn more about.

Have a great week!

Love and Learning,

 To Do… Write Clever Captions

Do you ever wonder why your daughter obsesses over the caption of her Instagram pics? Why does she need to check in with her squad before she can post it? I have spoken to a few dozen tweens and teens over the last 6 months and I have the “positive” reason why.

To Buy … Find Out Where Your Ancestors Come From

Do you want your kids to feel more grounded? It’s a proven fact that kids who know about their family history feel more grounded. It’s true! Start the conversation tonight. Keep reading, I have a fun way you and your kids can enjoy this together.

 To Learn… They Have, But We Have

Ok, so your kids might have heard, “when I was your age”….one too many times. Back when we were their age our reality TV meant sitting down every week to find out what happened on Dallas and Dynasty. We didn’t have a “cloud” that recorded our shows just to binge watch them over the weekend. Did you ever play the game “they have, we have” with your kids? It’s SUPER fun and a fantastic way to connect. Be in the know …

 To Think About… Why Aren’t Kids Reading Anymore?

Is social media taking over our kids? Is posting and sharing the sign of the times? We can’t keep them from posting but we can keep them thinking before they speak (type). Because we’ve all done that .. type, type, type, pause, think, backspace, backspace, never mind, cancel …

 Featured Female-Girl Crush: Simone BilesWhy

I’ve got a crush on Simone Biles. Not only because she’s proof that hard work and a whole ‘lotta heart are a winning combination but for so many more reasons of which I’d love to share …

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