The Sparkle Report: Week of May 22

Good Afternoon Sparklers,

We need to keep the connection and conversation with our children intact, now more than ever. They need to hear our voices, over and over again. We need to teach them how to breathe and keep themselves calm and safe as they venture out into the world. We parents are saddened and scared by the recent attack in Manchester and offer love, strength and our deepest sympathy to ALL of humanity.

“Plant LOVE. Grow PEACE.” – Ariana Grande

Love and Learning,

To Do … Say The Same Thing Over and Over Again

Every parent has asked “How many times do I have to tell you?” of their children. It turns out, the answer is A LOT. And not just because your kids aren’t listening, but because it’s how they learn.

To Learn … How To Relax

There’s not much time built into our hectic daily schedules to decompress, but given our stress levels and sky-rocketing rates of anxiety, it’s never been more important to bring some relaxation into our lives. This upcoming long weekend seems like a great time to do just this. And the good news is, it can be pretty simple — researchers have found that hearing nature sounds can have a relaxing effect on our minds and bodies!​

Girl Crush Wednesday … Olivia Jade

Girls relate so much to online celebs, especially those close to their age. Olivia Jade is a 17-year-old who details her morning routines, makeup tactics, and what’s in her closet for tons of followers on YouTube. Learn a little more about this likable young entrepreneur…​

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