Sparkle Report: Week of May 3

Good Afternoon Sparklers,
It’s May … Wahoo! Many of us are looking forward to school getting out and taking out of our parenting repertoire (for the time being) “Did you do your homework?” and “Can you put down the phone/laptop?” However, now is not the time to get soft on our rules surrounding “screen time” and “sleep time.” You’re in the home stretch …

” a strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink”

Love and Learning,

To Think About … Study. Screens. Sleep.Google

We’ve heard for years that TVs in bedrooms interrupt sleep patterns and cause restlessness, but what about the ubiquitous small screens of phones and tablets? Researchers are studying the effects of screens on sleep and their findings are important to consider when setting boundaries for your kids’ screen time.​

To Do … Get A Family Media Agreement At Any Age

The constant influence of the digital world is becoming a bigger part of our lives, especially for those parents of teens. At times it seems their heads are buried in devices from the moment they wake up until they close their eyes at night. That’s why it’s essential that we set expectations early and update them often in the form of a Family Media Agreement.​ Whaddya say?

Featured Female … Jodi Baretz

Jodi believes we should nourish the inside and flourish on the outside. Her business “Mindful is the New Skinny” was born when clients came to her because they couldn’t understand why dieting wasn’t causing them to lose the “extra few pounds.” It wasn’t until we uncovered their core emotional issues, reduced the stress of daily life and made a sustainable realistic plan that they flourished.

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