Sparkle Report: Week of May 8

Good Afternoon Sparklers,

Let’s not forget to take risks, be kind and “let loose” when we can. We may fail, we may succeed, but we handle both with style and an extra groove in our step. More importantly, we remember …

“in a world where you can be anything, be kind”

Love and Learning,

To Think About … Kind, Caring, AND cool?

Our girls face the same challenge today that we faced in our teen years: the desire to be popular and fit in. It seems every decision and action kids make have an effect on their social ranking. The problem is, popular and kind don’t often go hand-in-hand. It is important to teach our children how to be kind and confident so that they are the “right” kind of popular; the caring kind.

To Do … More Dance Parties In Your Jammies

Everyday life is tough. Whether you manage a busy household of five + dog, are trying to reach the next level at your job or a tween/teen trying to finish off the school year strong, your daily stress level is off the charts. When you don’t have time to truly escape, it’s important to give yourself a few minutes to forget all the to-do’s and let loose!

Wednesday Girl Crush … Karlie Kloss

A supermodel who’s into coding? A former Victoria’s Secret Angel who describes herself as a nerd? Yep, Karlie Kloss is all of those things. And she’s inspiring young girls to get into technology with her own coding camp. Read more about this surprising woman …

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