Sparkle Society


Do you ever wish your daughter was part of the most amazing, inspirational and cool club ever created for girls?

Do you worry that today’s hectic lifestyle and the predominance of screens are getting in the way of her becoming the confident, creative and carefree young lady she is destined to become?

If so, the Sparkle Society and its Passion Project are for you and your girl! The Sparkle Society is more than a club… it is a movement, a network of friends, a force of nature and yes, it’s online!

It is a modern day Girl Scouts where girls learn essential “real life” skills, engage in important conversations and work toward their dreams.

Our goal is to connect girls to themselves and their families, teach them how to communicate and give them the confidence to pursue their dreams.

This is an Investment Club where the investment is your daughter; it’s a Book Club where your daughters dreams are the book of the month, every month!

Let’s face it, you’re busy — really busy. Driving here, driving there, sports practice, dance, music lessons and tutors — it’s exhausting! Often there isn’t enough time for you and your girl to just be. When you do find the time, your daughter often doesn’t seem interested in learning relationship, communication, and confidence-building skills from her parents. Add the constant call of Instagram, Snap Chat, and Netflix into the mix and forget about it.

This is where the Sparkle Society and our Passion Project comes in. Every girl has a spark of genius inside her. Our passion project was created to bring that spark out for all to see.

On the first Tuesday of every month, Sparkle Society members log onto their computers (parents are welcome to join as well) and participate in the Sparkle Society’s live learning session.

Each month, the session will cover a different topic. If you can’t make it for the live call, don’t worry — a video recording of the live online session will be sent to society members after the call. Every month the girls will be assigned fun, engaging and thought-provoking assignments that they will then post in our Sparkle Society Facebook community page.

We use a technology called Zoom to host our video chats and it’s super easy to use. Posting assignments, questions, and comments on the Facebook community page is also very easy. We encourage parents to monitor and oversee the online sessions and Sparkle Society community page as much as they see fit.

During our first meeting in January, we will welcome the girls, introduce everyone who has joined the Society. We will explain what the Sparkle Society is about and our game plan for the year.

Then we will jump right into discussing what our Passion Project consists of and start brainstorming ideas for each other. The Passion Project is an ongoing program within the Sparkle Society where each girl chooses a project that they want to pursue, ideally centered around something they are passionate about.

Passion Projects could be creating a custom fundraiser around a social issue that speaks to the child, starting a fashion blog, creating an outdoor fairy garden, writing a short story and submitting it for publication, to name just a few. Through their Passion Projects, we are able to practice many of the confidence and leadership skills that we are teaching in our online learning lessons such as creativity, collaboration, asking for what you need, taking risks, organization.

You will be amazed at what can happen when girls slow down, step outside their comfort zone and focus on learning something outside of their daily routine— confidence and leadership happens!

Expect the unexpected … You never know where your girls big, brilliant desires will take them!

So bring it on … Our girls need modern mentors now more than ever to help them quiet the noise around them and to become the best version of themselves.

Won’t you have your daughter join our Sparkle Society so she has a team supporting and encouraging her to become her best self?


Online Learning Lessons by Month (subject to small changes)

Welcome to the Sparkle Society and Introduction to The Passion Project
Relationship Skills: Friendship Recipes and Other Awesome Stuff We Love About Our Besties
Communication and Connection Skills: Figuring Out How You Feel and Asking for What You Need?
Bravery Skills: The Power of Messing Up and Owning Your Behavior

Communication Skills: How to Have a Difficult Conversation
Leadership Skills: How to Be a Leader (of yourself and inspiring others)
Creativity and Motivation Skills: Passion Project Check-In
Relationship Skills:

Connection Skills: The Brand of You
Passion Project Presentation Event and Giant Sleepover in NYC (will be video taped for those not in attendance)
Connection and Empathy Skills: The Power of Positive Thinking and Gratitude
Connection Skills: New Year; Same, Yet Different, You

Who runs the Sparkle Society?

Laurie Wolk the Founder of the Girls Leadership League and Author of #1 bestseller on Amazon called Girls Just Want to Have Likes.

How much does Sparkle Society membership cost?

Yearly Membership
+ Gift Box of Goodies:
$300 1x cost
(Yes, that’s just $20 a month — that’s less than a family frozen yogurt outing with heaped on toppings! We want this to be a no-brainer for you and your girl to try.)

$39 billed monthly
(cancel anytime after first two months if you’re not satisfied*.)
*Must show/submit assignments in order to show that you were engaged in the program



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